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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Chicago need a Farmers Market Collective? 

As the 3rd largest city in the country, Chicago has many farmers markets, all of which share the same general mission, to provide their shoppers with locally grown, nutritiously dense food products. Since we all have the same goal in mind, we might as well work together to achieve it! So, several times a year, we all get together to share best practices, advice, and solve problems to support our city's local food system. 


We usually meet monthly, but during the pandemic, there have been times when we met more frequently. Our meetings have been virtual since 2020 and will continue to be virtual until further notice. 

I'm a market manager and I want to join the collective. What is the process? 

Is there an annual fee to be a member of the Collective? 

Nope! No fee. This group is free and open to all market staff. The more the merrier!

I'm not from Chicago, but I want to be a part of this. Can I still join? 

Unfortunately, this group is meant for Chicago specifically. Do some digging in your area! See if a similar group already exits. If not, shoot us an email if you're interested in learning more about how we got started. 

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