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Chicago Farmers Market Collective is a volunteer group of Independent and

City of Chicago Farmers Market directors, managers and staff.

We work in partnership with local food access partners, state and national organizations.

Our mission is to advance the local food economy through a network of

community-based farmers markets in the City of Chicago.

We envision a envisions an equitable, sustainable local food system in the Chicago region.

We are united by our common goal to provide all Chicagoans with access

to locally grown, nutrient dense food.

We strive to support our markets, communities, vendors, customers

and one another through resource and knowledge sharing.

If you are a farmers market manager in the City of Chicago and

would like to join the group, complete our registration form.

If you are a farmer, food artisan or other vendor who wants to vend

at a Chicago Farmers Market complete our information form.

Questions: please contact us here.

Independent & City of Chicago* Farmers Markets

Partner Organizations

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